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V Belts


For ease of use we have grouped our belts according to their top width and secondly by their outside length [in millimeters].


Please note that as your belt wears it gets narrower so a quick measure across the top of the pulley should confirm its original width.



The top widths available are:

10mm [10A]     

11mm [11A]

13mm [13A]

15mm [15A]

17mm [17A]

19mm [19A]

20mm [20A]

22mm [22A]



Beltdrive carries the complete range of GATES automotive drive belts. V belts, microvee belts and timing belts for every application are available from Beltdrive's comprehensive stock range. Beltdrive also carries a selection of double sided belts, stretch fit belts (elastic) ,competition belts and heavy duty belts for harsh and demanding environments. 


  • Gates XL  passenger car and truck V-belts are built with high-tech, state of the art processes and high grade materials.
  • Fibre loaded stock increases traverse support and load carrying capacity. This stock improves wear characteristics and reduces maintenance.
  • Underside variable notching pattern runs cooler, quieter and with less bending stress than conventional or top notched type belts. 
  • Precision V-forming processes ensure exact size and angle control.
  • Gates XL belts use high tenacity tensile cords which give maintenance free performance when the belts are correctly installed, tensioned and maintained.



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