7PK Double Sided Belts


Gates 7PK Double Sided MicroVee Belts

25mm Top Width



                   Belt Numbers               Outside Length       Top Width
          DK070536      7DPK1365              1395 mm  [54.9"]          25 mm
          DK070551      7DPK1400              1432 mm  [56.38"]          25 mm
          DK070817      7DPK2075              2105 mm  [82.88"]          25 mm
          DK071135      7DPK2885              2900 mm  [114.15"]          25 mm



For replacing original equipment belts on serpentine drives that require a higher degree of efficiency when transmitting power. Designed for small diameter pulleys and for use with or without automatic tensioners.

  • Specially designed to resist wear and cracking due to overall reduced thickness in construction Broad coverage on unique applications.
  • Custom setup for Gates specialized solution kits for Serpentine drives that cause problems from the OEM.
  • Broad coverage on unique applications.
  • V-ribbed on both sides of the belt.

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