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FHP - 2L, 3L, 4L, 5L, M, Z

                                                                   FHP - Fractional Horsepower Vee Belts 

GATES TRUFLEX wrapped V-belt


Belt code    Top Width Belt depth Notes 
2L 6mm 3mm  
3L  [M Section]  10mm 5mm Available in kevlar
4L 13mm 8mm Kevlar option Powerated 68 Series
5L 16mm 10mm Kevlar option Powerated 69 Series
M Section [3L] 10mm 5mm 3L & M sizes are in between each other
Z Section 10mm 6mm Available as a cogged option ZX


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Fractional hosepower V-belts are designed to give optimum performance on fractional power drives including those with backside idlers. The lower cord position improves the performance on light duty drives 

Gates Truflex is recommended for powered cultivators, lawn mowers, electrical household appliances and air conditioning units.


- due to their special thin profile these belts are recommended for small diameter drives.

-The low cord position enables the use of backside idlers

-GATES flex-weave cover is a patented fabric construction for longer life by providing extended protection of the belt core from oil, dirt and heat.


- Extremely flexible

-Smooth, quiet operation.


-Superior length stability.





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