14MGT3 PowerGrip Timing Belt

Gates 14MGT3 PowerGrip® GT®3 

PowerGrip® GT®3 belts are made of a highly advanced combination of materials designed to reduce both initial and operating costs. The entire PowerGrip® GT®3 belt range is suited both for new drive designs as for performance upgrades on existing drives. It has two times the rating of competitive RPP® belts and its predecessors PowerGrip® GT® and HTD®, with the largest selection of belts and sprockets in the industry. The 14MGT pitches are the optimum choice for high performance drives in the machine tool, paper and textile industries where durability and low maintenance are required or to upgrade existing HTD® belt drive applications. At reduced widths, GT®3 belts can be used as a direct replacement for most 14mm pitch standard rubber RPP® and HTD® synchronous belts.

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