Gates Super HC® 5VX Vee Belts


       Belt Numbers  Outside Length X Top Width      Belt Numbers   Outside length x Top Width
5VX398  XPB1000 1000mm [39.8"]   x16mm   5VX900   XPB2280 2280mm [90"] x16mm
5VX422  XPB1060 1060mm [42.2"]   x16mm   5VX910   XPB2300 2300mm [91"] x16mm
5VX430  XPB1080 1050mm [43.0"]   x16mm  5VX934   XPB2360  2360mm  [93.4"]  x16mm 
5VX445  XPB1120 1120mm [44.5"]   x16mm  5VX953   XPB2410  2410mm  [95.3"]  x16mm 
    5VX960   XPB2433  2433mm [96.0"] x16mm
5VX470  XPB1180 1180mm [47.0"]   x16mm  5VX990   XPB2500  2500mm [99.0"] x16mm
5VX497  XPB1250 1250mm [49.7"]   x16mm  5VX1000   XPB2530  2530mm [100"} x16mm 
5VX500  XPB1260  1260 mm  [50"]    x16mm 5VX1050   XPB2650 2650mm [105"] x16mm
5VX524  XPB1320 1320mm [52.4"]   x16mm  5VX1060   XPB2680  2680mm [106"] x16mm 
5VX530  XPB1340  1340 mm  [53"]    x16mm 5VX1108   XPB2800  2800mm [110.8"]  x 16mm 
5VX556  XPB1400 1400 mm [55.6"]  x16mm  5VX1123   XPB2840  2840mm [112.3"]  x16mm 
5VX560  XPB1410  1410 mm  [56"]    x16mm 5VX1146   XPB 2900  2900mm [114.6"]  x1mm 
5VX575  XPB1450 1450mm [57.5}   x16mm 5VX1180   XPB 2990  2990mm[118"] x16mm
5VX595  XPB1500 1500mm [59.5"]   x16mm  5VX1186   XPB3000  3000mm [118.5"]  x16mm 
5VX600  XPB1510  1510 mm  [60"]    x16mm 5VX1250   XPB3150  3150mm [125.0"]  x16mm 
5VX615   XPB1550 1550mm [61.5"]   x16mm  5VX1312   XPB3320  3320mm [131.2"]  x16mm 
    5VX1323   XPB3350  3350mm [132.3"] x16mm 
5VX630  XPB1590  1590 mm  [63"]     x16mm 5VX1359   XPB3440  3440mm [135.9"] x16mm 
5VX634  XPB1600 1600mm [63.4"]    x16mm 5VX1400   XPB3550  3550mm [140.0"] x16mm 
5VX654  XPB1650 1650mm [65.4"]    x16mm  5VX1481   XPB3750  3750mm [148.1"] x16mm 
5VX670  XPB1690  1690 mm  [67"]     x16mm 5VX1500   XPB3800 3800mm [150.0"] x16mm
5VX674  XPB1700 1700mm [67.4"]   x16mm 5VX1579   XPB4000 4000mm [157.9"] x 16mm 
5VX693  XPB1750 1750mm [69.3"]    x16mm  5VX1600   XPB4053  4053mm [160.0"] x 16mm 
5VX710  XPB1800  1800 mm  [71"]     x16mm 5VX1676   XPB4250  4250mm [167.6"] x16mm
5VX733  XPB1850 1850mm [73.3"]   x16mm 5VX1700  XPB4307  4307mm [170"]   x16mm 
5VX750  XPB1900 1900 mm  [75"]     x16mm  5VX1776   XPB4500  4500mm [177.6"] x16mm 
5VX772  XPB1950 1950mm [77.2]     x16mm  5VX1800   XPB4560 4560mm [180.0"]  x16mm 
5VX790  XPB2000 2000mm [79.0]     x16mm   5VX1875   XPB4750 4750mm [187.5"] x16mm 
5VX800  XPB2020 2020mm [80.0"]    x16mm 5VX1900   XPB4815 4815mm [190.0"] x16mm 
5VX840   XPB2120  2120mm [84.0"]    x16mm  5VX1973   XPB5000  5000mm [197.3"] x16mm 
5VX850   XPB2150 2150mm [85.0"]    x16mm   5VX2000  XPB5070   5070mm [200.0"] x16mm 
5VX860   XPB2186  2186mm [86.0"]    x16mm     
5VX886   XPB2240  2240mm [88.6"]    x16mm     



 There are many part numbers between these however we have only listed the ones that have a Quadpower equivalent for now.

Please feel free to contact us if you do not see what you require.

06 3572204 or sales@beltdrive.co.nz



When your power transmission application needs a high horsepower solution but is constrained by drive weight or physical space, the answer is Super HC® Molded Notch Belts. These proprietary construction process provides a superior combination of flex and load-carrying capacity, transmitting up to three times the horsepower versus comparably sized belts. Super HC® MN V-belts put more power where high speeds, high speed ratios or small pulley diameters are required, offering significant benefits over classical section V-belts. Developed through specialized research, Super HC® MN is highly recommended for use on all industrial heavy-duty, narrow section V-belt drives. With an increased transmission efficiency this belt allows for a more compact and highly economical drive design.

  • Flex-bonded tensile cords are vulcanized as one solid unit making the belt highly resistant to tensile and flexing forces, fatigue and shock loads.
  • Precision-ground straight sidewalls give a uniform wedging action and ensure the belt fits correctly in the pulley grooves.
  • Molded Notches reduce and evenly distribute thermal and bending stresses.
  • Gates Super HC® 5VX Vee Belts are recommended for pulleys that have a diameter between 112-160 mm.


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