Gates SPC Metric Power Vee Belts

Belt Numbers Outside Length Top Width
SPC3000  3000 mm  [118"]  22 mm 
SPC3150  3150 mm  [124"]  22 mm 
SPC3350  3350 mm  [131.9"]  22 mm 
SPC3550  3550 mm  [139.75"]  22 mm 
SPC3750  3750 mm  [147.65"]  22 mm 
SPC4000  4000 mm  [157.48"]  22 mm 
SPC4250  4250 mm  [167.32"]  22 mm 
SPC4500  4500 mm  [177.17"]  22 mm 
SPC4750  4750 mm  [187"]  22 mm 
SPC5000  5000 mm  [196.85"]  22 mm 
SPC5300  5300 mm  [208.65"]  22 mm 
SPC5600  5600 mm  [220.47"]  22 mm 

Metric Power™ V-Belts are manufactured to our exacting standards for quality, safety, and dependability. Their proprietary construction ensures unmatched load-carrying capacity paired with superior flex and stretch resistance. Metric Power™ V-Belts are ideal for use as replacements on drives that require metric cross sections in a broad range of applications, including textile mills, machine tool, and food processing.

  • Flex-Bonded Cords are chemically forged to the belt body, providing equal load distribution and bending stress absorption without cord deterioration.
  • Patented EPDM Material construction Exceptional operating temperature tolerance (-70°F to +250°F) helps resists belt cracking and provides application versatility.
  • Proprietary construction process combines flex and load-carrying capacity with reduced stretch and superior cord adhesion properties.
  • Molded Notches (in lengths 3,000mm and under) reduce thermal and bending stresses.
  • Meets RMA standards for oil and heat resistance.
  • Meets RMA static conductivity requirements.

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