OE Spec V-Belts [Bladerunner Series]

Gates BladeRunner® Belts

Gates BladeRunner belts are engineered to exactly match the composition, construction and fit of the original belts on the most common lawn and garden equipment. With appealing prices, superior durability, and a wide range of SKUs, you'll find OEM-quality lawn and garden belts for top brand names including Masport, Victa, Ryobi, Lawnmaster, MTD, John Deere, Husqvarna and Cub Cadet. Gates BladeRunner belts come in a wide variety of lengths and a few different V-Belt shapes, including Cogged V-Belts, Cogged Powerband V-Belts, Ribbed MicroVee Belts and V-Belts.

  • Aramid cord construction is utilized in many cases, providing longer service life during frequent and service shock loads.
  • Built to withstand the rigorous start and stop operation of lawn and garden equipment.
  • Exact OEM fit and construction means more value and longer life.
  • Smooth operation during frequent and severe shock loads.
  • Superior performance over fractional horsepower belts on recommended applications.

BladeRunner Catagories

Catagory Product  
V-Belts 10mm T/width  
  13mm T/width  
  14mm T/width  
  17mm T/width  
  19mm T/width  
Double Sided V-Belts AA  13mm wide Hex Belt  
  BB  17mm wide Hex Belt  
  CC  19mm wide Hex Belt  
Timing Belts Teeth on one side only  
  Teeth on both sides   
MultiRib Belts  PJ MicroVee [2.43mm pitch]  
   PK MircoVee [3.56mm pitch]  
Variable Speed Belts  Variable Speed  


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