Double Sided Timing Belts

Double Sided Synchro-Power Timing Belts

Belt Numbers Outside Length Top Width Tooth Count
D1440-8M-20  180T 1440 mm  [56.69"] 20 mm 180 teeth 
D1440-S8M-20  180T  1440 mm  [56.69"] 20 mm  180 teeth 
D1600-8M-20  200T  1600 mm  [63"] 20 mm  200 teeth 
D1600-8M-25  200T  1600 mm  [63"] 25 mm  200 teeth 
D1800-8M-20  225T  1800 mm  [70.87"] 20 mm  225 teeth
D1800-8M-25  225T  1800 mm  [70.87"] 25 mm  225 teeth 
D2504-8M-20  313T  2504 mm  [98.58"] 20 mm  313 teeth 
D2600-8M-20  325T  2600 mm  [102.36"] 20 mm  325 teeth 


Synchro-Power polyurethane belts provide maximum power transmission combined with perfect tooth meshing and tight and accurate tolerances. Polyurethane is extremley wear and fatigue resistant and at the same time highly flexible. Synchro-Power belts are avaliable in various sizes, constructions and tooth designs covering a wide range of loads, speeds and applications. The most advanced materials are used to manufacture these high precision synchronous belts. Here are some benefits to using Double Sided Synchro-Power Timing Belts:

  • Wide range of tooth profiles to meet all application requirements.
  • Clean, quiet and smooth running operation.
  • No re-tensioning or lubrication required.
  • Suited for use in harsh environments.
  • Resistance to an extensive temprature range from -30°C to 70°C.

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  2. D1800-8M-20 DOUBLE SIDED TIMING BELT - 225T
  3. D2600-8M-20 DOUBLE SIDED TIMING BELT - 325T
  4. D2504-8M-20 DOUBLE SIDED TIMING BELT - 313T
  6. D1600-8M-25 DOUBLE SIDED TIMING BELT - 200T
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