PoweRated - Kevlar[Aramid] V-Belts

PoweRated® Green Textile Wrapped V-Belts

A Powerated® V-Belt is recommended for heavy duty drives and clutching applications.

The PoweRated® V-belt meets the requirements of high power, clutching, heavy shock load and backside idler driven lawn and garden equipment.

Identifiable by their durable molded markings plus a green cover to highlight it as a special capacity belt.


  • Aramid [Kevlar] Tensile cords carry the load.
  • Low cord positioning in the thin profile enables extreme flexibility.
  • Special heavy duty cord reinforcement and low friction wrapping provide smooth clutching operation.
  • Fabric reinforcement on the bottom ensures high crack resistance in back side idler applications.


  • Smooth clutching and disengaging
  • Length stability
  • Special shock resistance
  • Special bending and crack resistance.

Start with the top width of your belt- If you are unsure or it is very worn, measure across the back of the pulley where the top of the belt sits.

Follow the links of the top width sizes below

10mm [3/8"] PoweRated 67 Series

13mm [1/2"] PoweRated 68 Series

16mm [5/8"] PoweRated 69 Series 

17mm [11/16"] B Section Kevlar




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  1. B177K Kevlar Lawn and Garden belt
  2. B180K Kevlar L&G belt
  3. B192K Kevlar Lawn & Garden Belt
  4. B127K Kevlar Lawn & Garden Belt
  5. B124K Kevlar :awn & Garden Belt
  6. B122K Kevlar Lawn & Garden Belt
  7. B120K Kevlar Lawn & Garden Belt
  8. B109K Kevlar Lawn & Garden Belt
  9. B108K Kevlar Lawn & Garden
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