Gates Powerlink G-Force® All Terrain Belts

Belt Numbers Tensile Cord Outside Length Top Width Powerlink #
19G3218 Aramid 848mm [33.375"] 30mm [1.167"]  
19G3332 Aramid 876mm [34.5"] 30mm [1.167"]  
20G4022 Aramid 1051mm [41.37"] 31mm [1.2"] PL30071
 21G4140       Aramid      1083 mm  [42.62"]         31 mm  [1.2"]  
24G3884 Aramid 1010mm [39.75"] 32mm [1.25"]  
24G5596 Aramid  1441mm [56.75"] 32mm [1.25"]  
25G4789 Aramid 1216mm[49.1"]      32mm [1.25"]  
27G4313 Aramid 1124mm [44.25"] 33mm [1.28"] PL30078
30G3750  Aramid 981mm [38.62"]  33mm [33.31"]   
30C3750 Carbon C12 981mm [38.62"] 33mm [33.31"]  
32G4588  Aramid 1194mm [47"]  33mm [1.31"]  
40G3569 Aramid  937mm [36.87"] 36mm [1.4"]   
46G3567 Aramid  930mm [36.5"] 37mm [1.5"]   PL30091



Specially constructed with high-modulus and fiber-loaded stock, Gates variable speed V-belts offer stability and flexibility at the same time. As a result, you can expect higher load carrying capacity and prolonged belt life. What’s more, our line of banded and bandless multi-speed V-belts are suitable for all industrial, wide-speed range open pulley or enclosed variable speed drives.

  • Delivers performance, durability, simplicity and value in extreme off-road environments.
  • Flexible, high-performance materials enable grab and go mobility and responsive acceleration.
  • Extended Life — shown to outlast other aftermarket belts by up to 5X.
  • Advanced aramid tensile cords and reinforced fiber loaded undercord for durability and dependability.


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